Welcome to BioSource’s new website.

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Our aim in designing this website is to share with the world a clear and unique vision of our values as a company.
We see ourselves as different from other companies in the culture fermentation industry. As a 100% family-owned company, we view our business as more than a financial endeavor: it is a labor of love.

Our company is led by a young and lean team of fermentation professionals who are talented, experienced and, most importantly, passionate about microbiology. We speak science and wish to genuinely educate the businesses we serve, so that they can eventually inform the end-consumer about the products they are using in a scientifically honest manner. The fermentation industry is riding a positive wave of research into the benefits of cultures and it is our duty as a manufacturer to maintain that momentum.

We also see our customers as individuals. No two businesses are the same. Our responsibility is to give our customers personalized service that identifies their needs and devises a unique solution to fill them. We are not a gigantic company, so we can be the small boat that navigates the difficult waters of product manufacturing and commercialization. In other words, no need is too small. To us, our leanness is an asset, not a liability.

We hope our new web design evokes these ideals. We welcome your input into how we can further reach our goals.
Also, we would be remiss if we did not thank the talented Jay Anwer (jayanwerdesign.com) for helping us design this website. His skill, patience, and understanding has allowed us to realize our desires from this website’s infancy. We are certain he can do the same for your company if you so choose.

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