::welcome to BioSource Flavors Inc. :::

Welcome to BioSource

We are BioSource Cultures & Flavors—custom developers and manufacturers of bacterial cultures for a wide array of applications, including probiotics, meat processing, dairy, wine, baking, and silage.

When we call ourselves “custom”, we mean it. We provide custom fermentation, custom blending, custom freeze-drying, custom packaging, and private-label manufacturing. All our products and manufacturing facilities are Kosher Certified.

With our library of over fifty unique culture strains, our 60,000 liters of fermentation capacity, and our 35,000-square-foot production, packaging, and research facilities—including our new, state-of-the-art, DuPont Qualicomm RiboPrinter® that ensures that your culture is what we say is—we work with our customers to create the best possible product. Combined with the freeze-drying expertise of our partners at Van Drunen Farms, BioSource is primed to meet our customers’ nuanced needs.

BioSource has developed a product that just may turn the culture industry on its head: Probiotic cultures enhanced with LactORN™.


Our Probiotic Cultures are extremely stable due the combination of proprietary fermentation and freeze drying technology.